About Us

Consider the cherry tree: thousands of blossoms create fruit for birds, humans, and other animals, in order that one pit might eventually fall onto the ground, take root, and grow… In fact, the tree’s fecundity nourishes just about everything around it.

William McDonough &
Michael Braungart


The emblem of our story and our work is the cherry tree. A metaphor for abundance, for intersecting habitats within the virtuous circle of a business ecosystem. Wholeness.


Two standards guide our work:
Individual excellence; and a design perspective.

Individual Excellence

Each member of our community has a demonstrated track record of personal and professional excellence. We are known for our:

  • Independence and objectivity;
  • Superb technical capabilities and mastery of our fields of expertise;
  • Responsiveness;
  • Dedication to active listening, out-of-box problem solving, and rigorous, defensible work product.

Our breadth of experience adds depth and scope to our work. We:

  • Have started, run, invested in, and advised business, fine-tuning our instincts about what makes an enterprise or project valuable and what may be causing it trouble.
  • Have mastered the theory, laws, and models that govern our fields. Several of us have developed new theory and models.
  • Are respected contributors to our fields through teaching, research, writing, presenting, and consulting worldwide.

Design Perspective

While we utilize standard valuation best practices and tried-and-true theory and methods, we also bring a design perspective to our work. We:

  • Think proactively and creatively.
  • Challenge the status quo when appropriate.
  • Are comfortable with paradigm shift and are not afraid to precipitate change if it benefits the client and is demanded by the problem.
  • Seek to grow our respective professions by moving outside the usual frame of reference to affect the big picture and set new precedents.

Our People


Sarah von Helfenstein

Founder & Managing Partner
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Photography by Sharona Jacobs


Mikael Collan, Advisor, Strategic Finance for Value Analytics & Design

Mikael Collan

Advisor, Strategic Finance

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Michel-Alexandre Cardin, Advisor, R&D for Value Analytics & Design

Michel-Alexandre Cardin

Advisor, R&D

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Michel-Alexandre Cardin, Advisor - Project Design & Architecture for Value Analytics & Design

Vivek Ashok Sakhrani

Advisor – Project Design & Architecture

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Sudhir Desai

Advisor, Strategy & Futures Studies

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Abigail N. Humphrey

Advisor, Strategic Finance

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To further explore ways we can be of service, reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.