Value Design®

Value without innovation becomes incremental, non-differentiable value creation. Innovation without value tends to be technology-driven market pioneering . . . shooting beyond what buyers are ready to accept and pay for and laying eggs for other people to hatch. Value innovation occurs only when companies align innovation with utility, price, and cost positions.

W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

In general, there is a great difference between the value associated with the reality of many possible futures and the value calculated on the assumption of a single future…

Richard de Neufville and Stefan Scholtes

More options.
More flexibility. More value.

Value optioning for young and growth-focused companies.

A great team, a solid business model and plan, careful financial analyses and modeling, the ability to communicate the vision clearly and with passion – these are all critical attributes of a successful launch or change initiative.

But . . . long-term, sustainable value creation is not a given.

  • How do you know if your company or new venture is creating – or destroying – value?
  • What attributes of your company are key for meeting its value-creating potential?
  • If you discover that your company’s focus, strategy, or tactics are not creating value, how might you redesign them for better results?

We accompany our clients through a structured collaborative process of exploration, analysis, and quantification to answer such questions. To get them thinking more flexibly about their companies’ choices and destinies.

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