The renovators at the cutting edge of restoration initiatives for the human family.

Benedicte, Omar, and the whole 2BDesign team are learning what it means to recognize one’s own brokenness, to build trust in interdependent community, and to express their God-given dignity and creativity. Life’s mysteries and treasures are only discovered when we look up from a focus on self, and take the risks to engage with each together to pursue order, beauty, and relationship.

David & Janice Haskell

Dreams InDeed

Dreams InDeed is a network of perpetual learners. We have gleaned a bit from our past successes, accolades, and triumphs. But we have internalized far more from adversity, disappointment, and outright failure. However, like those we serve, we are unwilling to say “good” is “good enough.”

Our Vision – A light in every hard place in our generation.

Our Mission – Strengthen local visionaries in hard places so the poor thrive as God intended.

  • Strengthen. The visionary sets the agenda for customized assistance – not limited to a predetermined program menu.
  • Local. The expert is the insider living the challenges day-in and day-out – not the visiting outsider professional.
  • Visionaries. “Positive deviants” swim upstream against the odds for sustainable transformation – not surrendering to apathy or despair.
  • Hard Places. The “edge of chaos” is where human need is most desperate and innovation most likely – not in stability where the “tried-and-true” is good enough.
  • The Poor. Those in need welcome the dream as “good news” – not a good but irrelevant idea to their aspirations.
  • Thrive as God intended. The aim is lasting, holistic well-being offered to all – not merely survival of the fittest.

Our mission emerged from the cauldron of two decades’ development work in contexts of sectarian violence, chronic poverty, human rights abuses, and compromised rule of law.  Years of professors’ probing and practitioners’ debates sharpened that mission.  Each phrase reflects our determination to think harder and work smarter for more significant impact alongside dreamers who dare to defy the odds.

The Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centres (SPARC)

SPARC is one of the larger NGOs in India focused on facilitating the creation of voice of the urban poor in the development of the city.

For the past 30 years, the Alliance of SPARC and its two community-based social movements, National Slum Dwellers’ federation (NSDF) and Mahila Milan has made a profound difference to thousands of households living under the threat of evictions/demolitions by providing them with the tools they need to engage the state and the city to secure permanent housing. The Alliance also works on sanitation and has provided hundreds of thousands of individuals with individual or community toilets in several states of India and supports communities to explore a wide range of solutions which will improve the quality of their lives.

Frontier Alliance International (FAI)

FAI is committed to lay foundations for the gospel where there are FAI is committed to lay foundations for the gospel where there are none, exalting Jesus among the unreached and unengaged at the end of the age.

Since launching in 2011, FAI teams have been laying foundations in strategic regions throughout the 10/40 Window. Like Hudson Taylor’s China Inland Mission, our teams are laboring together in a concentrated and coordinated advance into the “interior” regions of our generation where today there is still no witness.

Preserving life in conflict zones, crisis, and war.

Unprecedented crisis creates unprecedented opportunity. FAI Response engages communities throughout the Middle East immediately struck by terrorism, war, as well as droughts and other long-onset disasters.

Sustaining life through humanitarian relief & aid.

Unprecedented crisis creates unprecedented opportunity. FAI Relief sustains life in communities stricken by war, conflict, and disaster until rebuilding efforts can begin to take place.

Seeking the good & long-term growth of devastated communities.

Unprecedented crisis creates unprecedented opportunity. FAI Rebuild pursues development initiatives in partnership with local communities to build a better future for generations devastated by conflict, crisis, and war.

The Lydian Center for Innovative Healthcare

The Lydian Center for Innovative Healthcare is a healing center dedicated to helping children and adults reach their fullest potential.

The unifying principle of the Lydian approach is the shared understanding that if given the information it needs, the brain-body system will heal itself, naturally moving toward increased health and organization. The Lydian practitioners’ role is to provide this information to the best of their ability.

The Lydian Center has become a national and international destination for hundreds of children and adults who have failed to get help elsewhere. Its unusual offerings and collaborative treatment plans get people well when other approaches have failed.

To further explore ways we can be of service, reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.