Michel-Alexandre Cardin

Advisor, R&D

Michel-Alexandre Cardin is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Computational Aided Engineering at the Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College, London, UK. His work focuses on the development and evaluation of new computer aided methodologies to support the design of engineering systems under uncertainty using real options analysis, with applications in infrastructure and financial systems. In particular, his work focuses on design for flexibility (also known as real options), a design paradigm aiming at enabling better flexibility, sustainability and resilience in complex engineered systems, with the goal of improving expected performance in the face of uncertainty and risks.

Prior to joining Imperial College, he worked as a Quantitative Researcher in the hedge fund industry, developing strategies for derivatives trading using machine learning, and as Assistant Professor of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management at the National University of Singapore and Lead of the Strategic Engineering Laboratory.

Michel-Alexandre has held research affiliations at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Singapore-ETH Center, and Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology. He was an Associate Editor for the INCOSE journal Systems Engineering, served on the Editorial Review Board of the journal IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, and was the founding chairman of the organizing committee for the conference on Complex Systems Design and Management (CSD&M Asia).

He received a PhD in Engineering Systems and MSc degree in Technology and Policy from MIT, a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto, an honors BSc in Physics from McGill University, and is a graduate of the Space Science Program at the International Space University.

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