Sudhir Desai

Advisor, Strategy & Futures Studies

For over three decades, Sudhir Desai has held executive leadership and advisory/consulting roles, driving strategic growth and impact initiatives, particularly those originating in emerging technologies.

As founder and principal of Living Enterprise, founded almost twenty years ago, Sudhir has helped create strategic pathways to realizing better futures and capabilities for enterprise systemic well-being. His consulting includes Strategic Foresight, Systemic Design, Strategic Innovation and Design.

Some of his prior roles have included: Head of Strategy, Foresight and Innovation at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, India; Session Director, Strategic Design Program, Rhode Island School of Design; and Enterprise Transformation Architect, IBM. He also has advised entrepreneurs and startups.

Sudhir has led inter- and multi-disciplinary initiatives with national and global responsibilities for Fortune 100 organizations such as Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, HP and IBM. His experience spans diverse verticals with particular emphasis on the innovative front-end and whole systems design. His deep understanding of strategic innovation, design, and technology has allowed him to establish and grow successful businesses and professional practices.

Sudhir advises clients on strategic innovation and design. His specialties include: systems innovation; strategic foresight; business model and service innovation/design; new initiative development; innovation management; digital solution design; and using technology to build sustainable value.

Sudhir received his MS in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston – Clear Lake, his MBA from the University of Texas – Dallas School of Management, and his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from MA National Institute of Technology, India.

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