Value Analytics & Design provides classical valuation services for dynamic companies of all ages where design thinking + realism + analytic prowess really matter.

While we are industry agnostic, our skill set is ideally suited to clients who are technology and science-driven.

Whatever the valuation assignment, we take pride in bringing it our status as independent experts and our commitment to apply professional best practices, custom research, advanced mathematics, and solid common sense.

Our aspiration? More valuable clients via more valuable valuation work product.

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Decision Context:

  • Transaction advisory
    • Financial analysis and structuring
  • Regulatory reporting
    • Purchase price allocation
    • Goodwill and intangible asset impairment
    • Derivatives valuation and share-based compensation
  • Corporate & project planning and advisory
    • Value Design® studies and exercises
    • Complex financial & value modeling
    • Illiquid, complex, and hard-to-value asset modeling
    • Real options analysis
  • Succession planning & wealth preservation
    • Estate and gift tax support
    • Succession and exit planning initiatives