Value Analytics & Design’s mission is to facilitate deep understanding through a unique fusion of design thinking + realism + analytical prowess. The goal, effective decision making.

We believe in:

  • Design thinking: Structured creative problem solving should be integral to both the valuation and decision processes.
  • Realism: The real context for valuation and decision-making is multi-dimensional, complex, and dynamic.
  • Analytical prowess: Superb technical capabilities and mastery of relevant fields of expertise are the foundation on which excellent work is built.
  • Deep Understanding: The power of sight into the inner nature of people and organizations should be both a critical component of the valuation process and one of its key outputs.

We pursue our mission through three intersecting modes:

  • Value design®: Tools, analyses, and coaching focused on fine-tuning value creation and expressing company vision in powerful, compelling stories.
  • Valuation: Classical valuation services, enhanced by design thinking and cutting-edge analytics.
  • Yönäkö® (“night vision”): Value exercises and modeling in support of transaction planning.

Together, our services form a virtuous circle of benefits for a company and its ecosystem. The cherry tree graphic on our website pages is our metaphor for this virtuous circle.


The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation.

Albert Einstein