Fine-tuning corporate value creation begins with careful conceptual work and storytelling. It ends with great models, powerful communications, and storytelling. In the middle is a lot of data, design, and heavy lifting.

There are no shortcuts and no free lunch.

During this process, we ask our clients uncomfortable questions:

  • Your company is gaining users rapidly and/or growing gross revenues. You are attracting investors. But, how do you know if you are creating long-term, sustainable value? What if you are not?
  • How do your strategies and financial models consider and include value creation?
  • Do your strategies explore the use of flexibility? How can you better understand the value-creating capacity of flexibility for a new initiative?

Then we work with them to design good answers.

Our message to all . . . ignore value design® at your peril.


In general, there is a great difference between the value associated with the reality of many possible futures and the value calculated on the assumption of a single future...

Richard de Neufville and Stefan Scholtes

Decision Context:

  • Corporate & project planning and advisory
    • Value Design® studies and exercises
    • Complex financial & value modeling
    • Illiquid, complex, and hard-to-value asset modeling
    • Real options analysis