The Value Analytics & Design community brings a design mentality to solving value problems. While we do utilize standard best practices and tried-and-true theory and methods, we also:

  • Think proactively and creatively.
  • Challenge the status quo when appropriate.
  • Are comfortable with paradigm shift and are not afraid to precipitate change if it benefits the client and is demanded by the problem.
  • Seek to grow our respective professions by moving outside the usual frame of reference to affect the big picture and set new precedents.

This enables us to do more than just "get the job done".


A designer’s business involves relentless inquiry into the best possible way to create the new, discover the unexplored, or achieve the functional. A designer’s job is to extend the boundaries of thought, to generate new options, and, ultimately, to create value for users.

Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur.